Unemployment Office

Las Agencias & Yomango conference

Seeking the complicity of collectives active in creation and in social movements, Las Agencias, worked as mediators to reach spaces of experimentation that the museum, on its own, couldn’t have accessed. The project arose in order to grant them independence and autonomy, while taking advantage of some of the resources of the institution, to establish a broad collaborative network between professionals and amateurs.

All major brands offer a style of living, so does Yomango. The style of living that Yomango offers is accessible to everyone. The name comes from the verb mangar: to steal; to separate desire from consumption, attack these multinational companies with style, not money or credit cards. Because you can’t buy happiness…

Party at the Unemployment Office

The crisis is here, let the party begin!
April 30, 2009. At first the crisis was just a state of being, a kind of social sadness that paralyzed everything. To break this atmosphere we couldn’t think of anything better than to throw a party. The first thing you need for a party is a good location, so we set out to find a place where social sadness and fear were extremely present. It didn’t take us long to find one: an unemployment office. We turned up there one morning with our sound system. It was amazing. Less than five minutes of dancing and messing around were enough to put a smile on those long faces.
The video of the party became very famous, far more so than we ever imagined. Today it has over a million hits and has been an inspiration for many other celebrations which, since then, have been held at employment offices throughout the country.