TAF! comes to Stockholm

TAF! comes to Stockholm
Photographic Action Workshop of Enmedio.

The TAF! is a photography workshop designed for action. This theoretical-practical workshop in Stockholm, given by Oriana Eliçabe, member of the Enmedio collective, aims to share knowledge and practices in TOOLKIT mode.

The workshop will look at photography and its use as a communication tool that goes beyond the image itself to conceive photography and space as a whole that appeals to people; as a way of collectively intervening in social issues.

The aims are to create a photographic collective intervention based on the contributions and interests of the assistants as well as to promote a critical attitude with regard to the contemporary uses of the photography and it’s relation with the social reality.
Join TAF! to see what a photograph can do.

Days: 25, 26 and 27 of July.
Application: Free. You must complete this form in English.This workshop is free.
Participants: limited places.
Where: Tensta Konsthall Museum. Taxingegränd 10. Box 4001. 163 04 SPÅNGA. SWEDEN

Friday 25 from 14-17 h.
Saturday 26 from 12-17 h. (14-15h break for lunch)
Sunday 27 from 12-17 h. (14-15h break for lunch)
Requirements: camera (whatever you have). You must be able to take part all three days . English basic knowledge. Laptop (if you have).
Contact: cursos@enmedio.info

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TAF! (Photographic Action Workshop)

The TAF! is a photography workshop designed for action. The Co-ordinator Oriana Eliçabe, is a renowned documentary photographer and member of Enmedio. For TAF! the spaces of the city resonate at a frequency that can be disrupted with images when you least expect it, suddenly, from nowhere: “TAF!” Our showroom is the street. The framework for our images is our social environment, and the curators, the people involved in the struggles we represent. Our cameras are mirrors that reflect who we are and what happens to us. The goal: to approach the other.

In TAF! workshops we use various methodologies to break through the least-explored terrain of documentary photography; that which serves a political function as much in its distribution as in its realization. The TAF! was born in the midst of crisis, the economic crisis and that of the communications media. It was also born ‘amid’ Enmedio, and so naturally, art and activism are its basic ingredients.

Join TAF! to see what a photograph can do.

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