GAC (Street Art Group) conference

GAC (GRUPO DE ARTE CALLEJERO/ Street Art Group) began in 1997 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, out of the necessity to create a space where the artistic and the political could be part of the same mechanism of production. It is this that still defines their work, spanning the established limits between concepts of militancy and art; acquiring a higher level of real confrontation inside a given context with varying groups or individuals, generating a dynamic of production that is in a permanent state of flux.
Since they began GAC decided to look for a space in which to communicate themselves visually while escaping the traditional routine of exhibition and take as its foundation the appropriation of public spaces. The majority of their works maintain anonominity, encouraging the adoption of their tactics and strategy by other groups or individuals of similiar interests. Many of their projects arise and/or develop based on collective development with other groups and individuals, gnerating a dynamic of production that is constantly changing, due to these interactions. Among their more static projects are: Aquí viven genocidas (Here Live Genocides), Carteles de la memoria (Memory Posteres), Blancos móviles (Mobile Targets), and the publication of the autobiography GAC: pensamiento, prácticas, acciones.