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TAF! workshop in Leipzig (Germany)

TAF! comes to Degrowth Konference. The conference will take place in the German city of Leipzig from September 2-6, 2014.

The TAF! is a photography workshop designed for action. This theoretical-practical workshop in Stockholm, given by Oriana Eliçabe, member of the Enmedio collective, aims to share knowledge and practices in toolkit mode.

We will look at photography and its use as a communication tool and as a way of collectively intervening in social issues.

The aim is to create a photographic collective intervention on issues concerning “Degrowth” and based on the contributions and interests of the participants of the. Join TAF! To see, what a photograph can do on Degrowth and the conference.

Requirements: camera (whatever you have). You must be able to take part all three days . English basic knowledge. Laptop (if you have).

More info about date and time here.

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