World Champions of Unemployment

Spain is not also world champions in soccer and moto GP, is World Champions of Unemployment.

5 June, 2013

Yes we can / But they don’t want to

Two recurring phrases, two simple shapes, two basic colours. There’s nothing there that you can’t do. The making of the “escraches” graphic campaign.

30 April, 2013

We are not numbers

The Platform of People Affected by Mortgage Debt (PAH) had announced it for a while: "If Caixa Catalunya does not respond to our 321 applications to exchange houses for cancellation of mortgage debts, there will be war." Said and done. On January 10, at five...

11 January, 2013 Actions


«Democracy is in the air everywhere i look around...»

4 October, 2012 Actions

Party #CierraBankia (Shut down Bankia)

2012, un grupo de indignados e indignadas hartas ya de todo van a una sucursal de Bankia y allí esperan escondidos hasta que alguien entra a cerrar su cuenta. Entonces hacen lo que ves en este vídeo. Menudo fiestón. ¡Qué empiecen los recortes a...

11 June, 2012 Actions

The Reflectors

the Reflectors are not invincible superheroes; nor is our enemy a supervillain from a strange and distant planet. Nothing like that. Reflectors are ordinary people, the people on the street like you and me, like 99% of the population.

30 April, 2012 Actions

Massive psychic attack: render the Pope impotent.

On November 7, 2010 Pope Benedict XVI visited our city. He would have been better off staying at home. Even before he touched land we had rendered him impotent for life. Yes: im-po-tent.

21 December, 2010 Actions

Party at the Unemployment Office

April 30, 2009. At first the crisis was just a state of being, a kind of social sadness that paralyzed everything. To break this atmosphere we couldn’t think of anything better than to throw a party.

19 April, 2009 Actions