The Best of Enmedio (2012-2013)

One year ends and a new one begins. Yes, that’s right: at Enmedio we still keep track of time like we did when we were students: by school years. And before we embark on a new one, we like to look back and take stock of the one that has just ended. So we bring you our Top 10 for 2012-2013. We hope it inspires you.

The Best of Enmedio (2012-2013)

10) The Reflectors (15M anniversary demonstration)
May 2012. When the script set by the market says that its time for resignation and suffering, when it says unemployment, recession and poverty; when governments respond to social protest with repression and prohibitions, and when people lose their jobs and their houses so to protect banks, then the Reflectors step in ready to reflect capitalism against itself: it bounces, it bounces, it blows up in their arses!

9) Presentation at CreativeTime (New York)
October 2012. A presentation at CreativeTime by Enmedio member Leónidas Martín. It was huge: around a thousand people in the room and over 15,000 more listening closely to our three lessons on how to disrupt the financial order with creativity, humour and a dose of mischief. As we said, huge!

8) Interview published in
June 2013. Amador Fdez-Savater interviews us in-depth for Among other things, we talk to him about art and its power – and potential – for political intervention in the crisis. The interview made a big impact and was translated into several languages. Here is the English version, which was published in several media outlets.

7) Discongreso (Graphic campaign + Photocall + Action)
September 2012. As soon as we heard about “Surround Congress” we dived right in: making the Government resign and begin a new constituent process sounded like a great idea. We immediately got down to work. We designed a graphic campaign, organised a mass photo call and carried out a memorable action in front of the Catalan Parliament: Three in one. What more could you want?

6) We are Not Numbers (Photographic action against evictions)
December 2012-January 2013. Produced by Enmedio’s Taller de Acción Fotográfica (TAF!). We designed a series of postcards against forced evictions, which work like this: you hand them out to people affected by abusive mortgages during a protest in front of one of the banks. They write personal messages on them (“Thieves”, “You’re stealing our lives from us”, “One day you will be judged”… and so on). Then you display the postcards in highly visible spots such as the main entrance to the bank, and allow journalists to take photographs. A simple way to draw attention to a very serious social conflict. *We are Not Numbers was also part of How Much do I Owe You?, an exhibition about money and debt held in New York.

5) World Champions of Unemployment
June 2013. In it’s eagerness to privatise all public spaces and resources, Barcelona City Council decided to hire out the statue of Christopher Columbus to two multinational corporations as an advertising billboard. Meanwhile, Spain was smashing historic unemployment records: 6 million people and rising. Don’t you think this deserved an ad of its own?

4) How to End Evil (Creative activism festival)
April 2012. “Action is our relationship to everything”, said Bruce Lee before kicking the bucket. And how right he was: in order to bring about change, it is necessary to take action. This is why we decided to organise this creative activism conference: we want to change things, and we think that artistic practices, properly used, can become the perfect tool for social transformation.

3) TAF! (Photographic Action Workshop)
This ongoing workshop coordinated by Enmedio member Oriana Eliçabe, has been busy organising workshops and interventions all year long. The new ones are about to start! A whole year on the firing line. Here are some of the highlights. Don’t miss out, TAF! is one of the cornerstones of Enmedio.

2) Yes We Can. But they Don’t Want To (Graphic campaign for the PAH)
April 2013. The grassroots movement of people affected by the mortgage crisis known as Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH) had just submitted a citizens’ initiative (ILP) to Parliament, proposing three measures to guarantee the right to housing in Spain. Surprisingly, the hardest thing about submitting a citizens’ initiative in Spain isn’t collecting the required 500,000 signatures (the PAH did almost a million better). The really difficult thing was to get the Ministers of Parliament to vote green and approve it in Parliament. So we designed the escrache kit, that spelled it out visually: two cardboard circles, each one-meter in diameter, one green, the other red. The words printed on the green one say “Yes we can”, and the red one says “But they don’t want to”. The results were spectacular, and the streets and the media were flooded with these images during the campaign. Yes we can!

1) #CierraBankia Party
June 2012. Bankia declares itself bankrupt and immediately asks the Spanish government for 23 billion euros. The Government says yes, and that same week it announces 20 billion euros worth of cuts to Health and Education. That’s when we realised that what they called “crisis” was actually a scam. So we organised this party, because there’s nothing like a party to let off steam when you’re mad as hell.

During the 2012-2013 school year, Enmedio toured extensively. Here are some of the places and media outlets where we presented our work:

Festival Kampnagel (Hamburg, Germany), Festival Truth is Concrete (Graz, Austia), Jornadas #Sucretcommons (Prat de Llobregat, Spain), Jornadas de Fotografía Documental de Can Basté (Barcelona, Spain), Entrevista en el programa Carne Cruda (RNE, Spanish national radio), Exposición How Much Do I Owe You? (New York, USA), Jornadas ‘El lugar del artivismo en la Historia del Arte’ (Barcelona, Spain), Jornadas ‘El cos, l’acció i la imaginació contra el capital’ (Barcelona, Spain), Praktiken der künstlerischen Intervention (Zurich, Switzerland), PEN World Voices Festival, (Nueva York, España), Shareable (international magazine), Vice (international magazine), Revista Código (Mexico), Creative Reports (New York, USA), Kunst, Design und Fotografie als Direkte Aktion (Hamburg, Germany), Festival de Cine y Derechos Humanos (San Sebastian, Spain), Hemliga Trädgården, (Stockholm, Sweden)…

And last but not least…
This year we also updated our image with a new bilingual website and spruced up our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo.

As you can see, we managed to squeeze a lot out of last year, but that’s nothing compared to what what’s coming up in the new one. The journey is about to begin, join us, get in the midst of Enmedio.



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