These are the faces of the 99% (PAH and TAF! join forces again)

The l’Hospitalet chapter of the PAH platform  of people affected by the mortgage crisis and the TAF! join forces once more.
We went into the bank (this time it was a Barclays branch) to the sound of whistles and bugles, placing stickers that said “This bank swindles and deceives”, in order to draw attention to an eviction scheduled to take place in the next few days: that of José Luis and his family. Meanwhile, outside, on the windows of the bank, we pasted the large photographic portraits of PAH members that we took and printed in the last workshop.
This is our way of damaging the image of the banks, pasting the faces of the people affected by bank policies on their façades, using images to tell personal, human stories: the stories that the banks want to hide. Faces and stories like that of José Luis and his wife, an elderly couple that Barclays wants to put on the street, without a house, simply because they guaranteed their son’s mortgage and he can no longer meet the repayments.
Four windows, four portraits. César, Toni, Antonio and José Luis. Four faces that look at passers-by right in the eyes at the exclusive corner of Passeig de Gracia and carrer Aragón in Barcelona. Four of the many people who are currently fighting against bank fraud. Four people chosen on Thursday 12 July to represent the group of people affected by the mortgage crisis. On Monday there will be others, and so on until we put an end to financial abuses once and for all.

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