Enmedio exhibits its work against foreclosures in New York

On the 12 December 2012 the exhibition How Much do I Owe you? was inaugurated in the Clock Tower of Long Island City, New York. The organisers, No Longer Empty, are a group of independent curators dedicated principally to mounting exhibitions in strange places like the Clock Tower, which for many years had been the main headquarters of the Bank of Manhattan, but is now completely abandoned.

You know that art shows are a priority for Enmedio, but the fact that this was being held in bank headquarters and was dedicated to the subject of money, or rather, to the problems related to the economy, we liked. We agreed to participate for the opportunity to continue making visible the social conflict of home foreclosures happening in Spain.

The work we presented there was titled, ‘We Are Not Numbers’ and like all our projects, it was also part of a workshop. On this occasion a photographic workshop we had held with some members of the PAH, people on the point of being evicted from their houses. We Are Not Numbers is, then, a continuation of the work undertaken by TAF! (Enmedio’s Photographic Action Workshop). The portraits and stories drawn from the conversations we held with those affected by mortgage debt were converted into a collection of postcards. Our installation was made up of these postcards, a gigantic portrait, a documentary shown in the process of its creation and a graphic illustration on the foreclosure crisis of Spain.

The exhibition will be open until March. During this time the public can write whatever messages they are moved to on the postcards. Afterwards, when the exhibitions reaches its end, we will send these cards to the main offices of the banks who are trying to evict these people in arrears. We will see if then they begin to understand that people are not numbers.

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