AirEuropa Deportation Class

AirEuropa Deportation Class offers you a smooth, worry-free emigration experience, even if the person behind you is an undocumented migrant being deported.
Thanks to an 11,000,000 euro contract awarded by the Spanish government for the extradition of ‘illegal’ migrants from the European Union, we are expanding our market to export young local talented young people at competitive prices.

This action is the result of the latest TAF! (Photographic Action Workshop) coordinated by Enmedio member Oriana Eliçabe, with the participation of: María, Francesca, Clara, Estefanía, Roxana and Silvia. Semiotic guerrilla warfare on the streets of Barcelona after a six-week workshop. Thank you to all of you who made this photographic action possible.
Take advantage of this special Deportation Class ticket sale: an emigrant and an immigrant for the price of one!





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