How much is life worth? (TAF! action)

coverStretching out on any bench in the city could cost you up to 500 euros.
Refreshing yourself in a public fountain would cost 500 euros.
Fancy playing with a ball in Plaza Catalunya? They could fine you up to 1500 euros.

For more information about how much life is worth in Barcelona, get mad about this regulation!

But we don’t need to worry! The council will let us do all of this and lots more on Sundays from 9am until 3pm, for three months only – from 22nd March until 28th June, for the modest price of 12,000 euros per Sunday! Barcelona inspires, right?

As you can see, the administration is in charge of managing our time and of limiting our spaces, regulating the velocity of our lives.

Velocity = space


#CuantoValeLaVida  #HowMuchLifeWorth

IMG_5071 IMG_5078 IMG_5064-b IMG_5060


In this Photographic Action Workshop TAF! during the Meeting BUEN VIVIR, How much is life worth?, have been participated: Johana, Mercè, Ferran, Kathya, Silvia, Asul, Esteban, Lupe, Berta and Anja. Thank you guys!

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