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Memetro conference

Memetro is a type of disorder of the memory; it’s most prominent side effect is that the individual is incapable of remembering that it is the social norm to pay for public transport. This disorder may possibly caused by the development of a personal defense mechanism. This often occurs after a traumatic event, such as the unfair rise in fares, bad operations, or any other inconvenience to the continual problem of moving around.The Memetro can be spontaneous. In the case of Transport Global Memetro (TGM), this usually lasts at most 75 minutes, and can become chronic. There are more and more patients every year, of all ages, and in 2010 TGM was receiving an average of 136 fines every day, just in the city of Barcelona. To this day, Memetro is not recognized by official bodies, which hampers the acknowledgement and acceptance of this disorder into the social fabric.The principal mission of this organization is to support and help to the community afflicted with Memetro. To accomplish this end, they organize cultural activities and education campaigns with the goal of shedding light on the victims of the Memetro disorder. Because of their affliction, many people travel without buying a ticket, or without having it validated. This means that they’ll have the occasional but inevitable interaction with the type of people who believe that the victims of Memetro should be fined as much as 50€. Often, because of this situation, many people develop unwanted sideffects: stress, sendentary lifestyle, physical ailments, laziness, incapacity to be punctual, among others…

As an organization with the goal of increasing social interaction,, continues to use the fees of its members to form a common fund to can collectively pay for the fines its members might receive.
Note: For the complete understanding of the nature of Memetro, we hope that the double meaning of this text will be understood by our readers.

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