World Champions of Unemployment


Spain is cool, they say so on TV. Spain has sun, beaches, tapas, flamenco. Spain has FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Spain are world champions in soccer, basketball, tennis and MotoGP. Spain discovered America, invented the Spanish tortilla, the mop and Chupa-Chups. Spain is fun, people have a ball here. That’s why the “guiris” come: party, good times, happiness. That’s the Spain brand. That’s how it’s shown in ads and newspapers, that’s why our politicians say: “yu ar a uina” They may be right, but they’re forgetting something: Spaniards are also world champions in unemployment. We’ve just smashed the record of six million unemployed, and counting. That’s something that really makes us special, numero uno, true World Champions. And that deserves an ad of its own.

World Champions of Unemployment from enmedio on Vimeo.