The Reflectors

«I’ll be your mirror,
reflect what you are
in case you don’t know.»
The Velvet Underground.

First of all, an announcement: the Reflectors are not invincible superheroes; nor is our enemy a supervillain from a strange and distant planet. Nothing like that. Reflectors are ordinary people, the people on the street like you and me, like 99% of the population. And our enemies, as much as they resemble Fu Manchu, for all their desires to dominate the world, are actually flesh and blood. They can be overcome.

Moreover, superpowers – what you might think of as superpowers – we don’t have. We do not fly, we are not endowed with superhuman strength; we are vulnerable. We have not mutated due to an accidental experiment, nor can we move things with our minds, nor are we telepathic; we feel injustice, fear and pain just like you.

The one thing we have that is a little out of the ordinary are shiny suits made out of aluminium foil, and a couple of unusual tools: the Reflector Ray and the Infallible Inflatables. Nothing out of this world, simple things that you can make yourself at home without much trouble; because when it comes down to it, anyone can becomes a Reflector when their time arrives, that is, when they’re mad as hell, they can’t it take any more, and they draw a line in the sand to say, “Enough! This far and no further.”

And that is the Reflectors; rather than a group, it is a creative technique that anyone can use. It is very simple, you see: it consists simply of reflecting the plain truth of capitalism back to itself just as it is, without tricks or cardboard.
Take one example: the economic crisis. They have been extremely kind to give it to me, I tell them, but I am afraid that they are mistaken: they have the wrong recipient. This crisis is not mine: I did not create it, nor do I want it. So I reflect it and return it back to them. Thank you very much.
Another example: violence. I go to a rally and police fire rubber bullets and teargas at me, and then film me with their cameras, searching for someone to scapegoat for the crisis. Again I say, thank you very much but sir, you are confused: the violence comes from your side, not mine, and here are the reflections from my bolt of lightning to prove it.

In this sense, we Reflectors are a kind of Deus ex machina, a strange and inconsistent element that emerges on the scene and suddenly resolves history, breaking its internal logic, like those opportune eclipses that appears in films when no one expects it and allows the hero to escape. When the script of the market dictates resignation and pain, when it says unemployment, recession and poverty; when in the face of social protests governments respond with repression and prohibition, and when people lose their jobs and their homes so that the banks will not suffer, then we say to them… “¡Rebota, rebota y en su culo explota!” (“Rebound it, rebound it, and in your ass explode it!”)

Here come the Reflectors, and with us we bring all the light of the sun.


These photographs were taken during the demonstration of May 12, 2012 (the first anniversary of the Indignados movement – the Spanish version of Occupy) in Barcelona. There the Reflectors reflected every one of the evils in their path; each and every one of the causes of this scam they call a crisis: banks, transnational corporations, governments…
The Reflectors’ favourite battle cry was: “The crisis rebounds, rebounds, blow it up your ass!” And let it be so: for the Reflectors were born to reflect evil back against itself.

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