Workshop and Lecture at the Truth is Concrete Festival (Graz, Austria)

On 25-S, Enmedio organised the Discongreso action, which involved masses of people throwing flying discs at Congress. Flying messenger discs, carrying hundreds of suggestions from citizens for a better democracy. A real democracy.

We can assure you that there’s nothing quite like seeing so many multicoloured discs flying towards Congress.
In fact, everything about 25-S was a unique experience, including the police raids at the end. After a narrow escape, against all odds, we caught the plane on time and winged it to Graz, Austria, where the Truth is Concrete Festival had invited us to participate with a workshop and a lecture. So we spent the following three days there, running a TAF! (Photographic Action Workshop) and giving a lecture called “Photography, Performance and Guerrilla Tactics against Financial Abuses”. Both went very well. It’s obvious that we’re living in political times. The workshop participants and the people who attended the lecture were able to discover the latest Enmedio productions first-hand: The #Cierra Bankia party, TAF! photographic actions against evictions by banks, etc.

Uno de los grupos Discongreso instantes antes de su lanzamiento.

Leo, miembro de Enmedio, presentando el discongreso en su conferencia sobre creatividad y abusos financieros.

Oriana, miembo de Enmedio, trabajando en el taller del TAF.

Taller TAF: Primeras pruebas fotográficas.

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